CogIMon 2nd Workshop at UniBi

Monday, 28. November 2016

CogIMon's first workshop (June 2016) was mainly focused on the software development. It was very helpful and successful. TUBS/UniBi organized a second code-sprint/workshop which was concentrated on both software and hardware aspects. UniBi was the host of this event from November 28th 2016 until 30th and the organization of it was mainly done by TUBS with the help of UniBi. 

During the workshop, IIT installed the hands of the COMAN robot and tested the developed some priliminary tools of Orocos-Gazebo framework on it. All partners had chance to develop in introduce their approaches in a collaborative environment and discuss the issues. Apart from that, a big portion of the time was spent on installing the software framework on participant's computers. Some issues were faced and corresponding solution were suggested. After this workshop, all the PIs and partners participated in a consortium meeting.